Bread and Butter Thing

What is the Bread and Butter Thing?

We’ve partnered with ‘The Bread and Butter Thing’ (TBBT) to provide an affordable food offer for our customers in need.

For just £7.50 per week, you receive three full bags of shopping worth an average of £35 – one of fridge goods, one of cupboard goods and one full of fruit and veg. Or you can double up and get six bags, worth approximately £70, for £15.

TBBT services for FCHO customers run from:

  • Wallshaw Street Community Centre on Mondays
  • Bethesda Church in Royton on Wednesdays
  • Sholver and Moorside Community Hub on Thursdays
  • ROC ‘n’ Rolls Community Cafe in Holts on Fridays
  • NEON in Greenacres on Saturdays