5th Flower and Veg Show Classes



Flower Classes

1  One vase of mixed roses.

2  One single rose

3  Dahlia – one specimen bloom

4  Three pompom dahlias – one variety

5  One single spike gladiolus – any variety

6  One vase of three spikes gladioli any variety or varieties

7  Vase of sweet peas – any variety

8  Pansies or violas – 6 blooms any variety in small vase

9  One pot plant in flower – grown from seed or cutting

10 A vase of perennial flowers (one or more varieties)

11 One pelargonium or geranium plant in flower – max 23cm pot

12 A perfect but lonely flower in a vase

13 Fuchsia, one plant any variety

14 Any plant or bunch of flowers displayed in an unusual container

15 One pot of any herb grown from seed or cutting.

Fruit and Vegetable Classes

16 Four potatoes (white) – one variety

17 Four potatoes (coloured) – one variety

18 Three carrots – any variety 75mm top

19 Three yellow onions dressed

20 Three red onions dressed

21 Three leeks untrimmed

22 One head of cabbage – green or red

23 Four pods of runner beans – with stalk

24 Longest runner bean – judged on length only

25 Four french beans – with stalks

26 Pair of courgettes

27 Four tomatoes – with calyx

28 Three beetroots tops trimmed 75mm – any variety

29 Four pea pods – with stalks

30 Any one vegetable – not in schedule

31 Any cucurbit (i.e. cucumber, squash, pumpkin, marrow, gherkin)

32 Display of vegetables grown by you, 46cm x 30cm (18ins x 12ins) – no cabbage

33 Three sticks of rhubarb – tops trimmed 75 mm

34 Any soft fruit (minimum of 5)

Floral Art

35 A traditional flower arrangement on any theme

36 The Olympics 2021 – a flower arrangement based on the event

37 A single buttonhole (ready for a wedding or similar occasion)

Homemade produce section ( All items must have been made by the exhibitor)

38 Scones – plate of six (plain, fruit or savoury)

39 Victoria Sandwich cake

40 Best decorated chocolate cake

41 Loaf of bread – any variety

42 One plate – any savoury pie, flan or quiche

43 Three brownies

44 Three decorated cup cakes/buns/muffins (any variety)

45 Any bake, dessert or sweet – not on the schedule

46 Jar of homemade jam

47 Jar of homemade marmalade

48 Jar of homemade lemon curd

49 Jar of homemade chutney

50 Jar of homemade pickled vegetables

51 Jar of locally produced honey

52 Alcohol – wine, sloe gin or any other “home brew”

Handicrafts section

53 A knitted or crocheted item ( not clothing)

54 A knitted or crocheted item (clothing)

55 A piece of handmade jewellery

56 A handmade greetings card

57 Any other handmade craft item

Photography section

58 Flower(s) or garden

59 Human or animal (single or group)

60 Abstract

61 Open – for anything not in the above classes

62 Junior Class – subject of your choice. (free entry)

Junior Section FREE ENTRY 15 years or under

63 Miniature garden – contained within a standard sized seed tray or similar box

64 Scarecrow made with a wooden spoon

65 Four decorated cup cakes

66 A drawing based on the Olympic Games or Football Euros 2020

67 Any fruit, vegetable, flower or plant grown by you